Blackstone Beaver 1020 Processor
• High speed saw motor
• 48 horse JD diesel
• 5” splitter cylinder
• Operators seat (cab optional)
• Hydraulic valve bank controls
• 15’ log forwarder with 1 wheel
• 4, 6 or 8 way splitter head
• 3 strand 10’ live deck folds hydraulically
• Auxiliary conveyor hydraulic port (conveyor sold separately)
• Log stop
• Log cradle
• Dot rated tandem axle towable

Total $52,900

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Blackstone Beaver Processor

• Rollers with aggressive teeth
• Smooth processing for the
most crooked logs

• Oregon cutting bar
• High-efficiency, high-speed hydraulic saw motor

• Comfortable, adjustable seat
• Joystick controls
• Engine controls inside cab

• Rapidly setup & disassembly
• Hydraulically powered deployment

The Blackstone Beaver Components
The Blackstone Beaver Firewood Processor is built in the USA with industry standard components. Hydraulic systems built with high quality Parker hoses  and hose ends.

PLC controls and electronic valves reduce operator error and  optimize speed.

Maximum log length is 25' with a 24" diamater. Cut length is adjustable up to 24" long. Splitting head can be adjusted by up to 10" for consistent splits on various log diameters.

Blackstone BeaverSpeed
The processor comes standard with a 3-stage hydraulic pump. All strokes are  performed in high speed by default, but if greater splitting force is needed,  pressure will immediately be increased. When load is decreased, the high speed stroke will renew.

Enclosed Cab
• Operator comfort in the enclosed cab
• Dual joystick controls ease hand fatigue
    Blackstone Beaver
      3-Strand Live Deck
      • Largest hydraulic folding deck in the business
      • Deck folds into the machine for transport

      Out-feed Conveyor
      • Control conveyor hydraulically from cab
      • Conveyor hydraulically folds for transport
      • Cleated belt holds wood securely
      • 4" cleanout area allows small debris to fall

      Blackstone Beavers are customizable by the manufacturer.

      Integrate your ideas into a production machine  built to match your requirements!

      Don’t need a mobile unit, specify a skid-mount.

      Contact Us for more details regarding Blackstone Beaver Firewood Processor Customization.

        Engine Specs
        99 HP John Deere diesel engine
        Electronic engine controls & monitoring
        Meets Tier 3 engine requirements
        Splitter & Cutter Specs
        Adjustable splitter height
        14' 3-strand live deck. Longest in class!
        24" max log diameter / 25' max log length
        Quick-change wedge
        High-speed splitter cycle time
        High-speed hydraulic saw motor
        Oregon cutting 36" bar & chain
        Cab Specs
        Sound insulated, rubber mounted
        Adjustable seat (Height / Back / Arm rest)
        Large windows & Lockable door
        Dual joystick controls
        Trailer & Towing Specs
        DOT-certified carriage with 15,000 lb. rating
        Registerable for road transport
        Complete machine folds to road-towable unit
        Tandem axles with electric brakes
        Construction & Maintenance
        Built in the USA with heavy steel construction
        Greasable pivot points
        Large diameter shafts
        Heavy-duty roller chain
        Other Standard Features
        Work lights
        Large fuel capacity